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How far would be too far for guests to travel for a wedding? I found a beautiful place for my wedding, but it's an hour away from where most of my guests live. Would that be too far to ask them to drive?

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    I traveled about 2 hours to a friend of mine's wedding in July.  I think more people would have come if it wasn't so far away.  However an hour isn't as bad
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    An hour isn't too bad, but I would probably head home early if the drive was over an hour.
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    I would consider anywhere within an hour basically within the general area so I wouldn't think twice about it. More than an hour starts to push it, I think.
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    As long as the reception is in the same general area as the ceremony, I don't think an hour is too much to ask.
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    As long as the ceremony and recpetion are either at the same place, or near by. Although I did go to a friends wedding that the ceremony was about a half hour away, and the reception was about an hour further, not exactly ideal, but people were there.
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    Agree with PPs. Half my family lives in the north part of the state, the other half lives in the south part of the state. Some people will be there in 20 minutes, others will be driving almost 2 hours.

    An hour would be no sweat for me.
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