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Extending the Invitation - Proper Etiquette

Is it appropriate or acceptable to invite people to the wedding ceremony but NOT to the reception? We're working on a budget (like everyone) and would like to limit reception attendees to 175. However, our ceremony invitation list has already reached this number and we haven't even added our parents' lists...YIKES!

Re: Extending the Invitation - Proper Etiquette

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    Really rude.

    The reception is a thank you to the guests that attended the ceremony.

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    I agree with PP that it is rude to invite guests to the ceremony but not reception. Our original list was about 145 and has been cut down to 70ish to accomodate what we wanted our wedding to be. So, if you cant cut down your list any more then youre going to have to make changes elsewhere so that all guests have the option to attend the reception if they choose to do so. 
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    Ditto everyone's post. It is not appropriate.
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    No, not acceptable.
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    Ditto PP's, it's VERY rude. 

    Think of it this way, if you got dressed up, bought a gift and drove however far to witness someone's 20 minute ceremony, and then all of a sudden, YOU had to just go home while the "important" guests head to the reception.  How would that make you feel?  Like they just wanted a gift, but didn't really care to see you after?  Because that's the message that it sends.

    I understand you may want to include as many people as possible, but this is definitely NOT the way to do that.  Believe me, most people would rather not be invited at all than to feel so excluded from part of your day.
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