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NWR: Website to Sell Used Books/Novels On? Suggestions or Experiences?

Hey Ladies!  

I was curious as to whether anyone could suggest a website to sell some used novels on.  I am cleaning out my bookcases and would like to sell.  I know of Amazon, Ebay, and Barnes and Noble are three sites that I can sell books on.  Does anyone have any experiences with selling items on these websites?  Or do you have any other suggestions on sites where I can sell them on?

Thanks Ladies!

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Re: NWR: Website to Sell Used Books/Novels On? Suggestions or Experiences?

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    Try paperback swap. Selling on Ebay is possible-we do it-but it's tough to even cover shipping as there's a ton of sellers who have used books for 1.00 each.
        You might do better ofyou have a Half-Price Books or other used bookstore near you.
       ETA: We sell first editions/signed books only on Ebay-most other things aren't worth the hassle.
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    Shipping isn't expensive if you ship it media mail.  I've shipped books for less than $1.  It's not typically an option that they offer you, you have to ask for it.

    Amazon has a new program where you can sell stuff to the site, instead of listing it individually, and they give you a gift card.  It's kind of convenient, because you only ship everything once (instead of shipping intermittently as different items sell).  However, they don't pay super well.  And if you don't want an Amazon GC, it's worthless.

    I do agree about looking into local used bookstores.

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    My FI has worked as a buyer for Half Price Books for many years.  I love that store, but they pay very little for your books.  They receive so much, have to sell them for half price (or less), and they literally throw books out by the bin every day. 

    Unless you're really just trying to get rid of a high quantity FAST... don't go there.  Even FI will tell people to go to Amazon or (Ebay's affiliate)

    It's more trouble, but you will get your most money by selling on those websites.  Just get a bunch of cheap shipping supplies, and sit down one day and list them all.  I've usually had a good experience selling books on either of those sites.

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    I've sold a lot of my books on Amazon. I have had issues where books cost more to ship(even shipping media mail) than it is worth. That is really only an issue with hardcovers that sell for under a couple dollars. When I was selling, I would look to see what others were selling that particular book for. If it was less than $3, I just donated the book to the library.

    I have also sold textbooks and DVDs back to Amazon and found that to be really easy. Some of it isn't worth much, some is. If it isn't worth my time, I donate those too.


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    If it's a paperback, often the books will sell for a couple dollars or less.  But Amazon sets the shipping.  If you wrap the book in heavy brown paper (like a brown paper bag) and don't bother with a box, and ask to ship it media mail, shipping is often less on paperbacks than what Amazon has the buyers pay you. 

    If you just have a few books to sell, it might not be worth the hassle.  But if you've got a whole bunch, especially if you can sell some in sets (or all back to Amazon), and no used bookstore around, it's worth at least looking into. 

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  • Options compares prices (including shipping) for a whole heap of websites for both buying and selling books and other stuff. Its what I use for books and textbooks. Its worth a try!
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