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I have a sad.

Last night, H let the dogs out before bedtime, as per usual. We heard them barking, and for awhile thought nothing of it, as they like to bark at the dogs across the alley. Then we noticed my dog's bark was frantic, not his normal bark. H went outside to see what was going on, and came in holding a kitten. His dog had it in her mouth and was shaking it. We kept her overnight, cleaned her up, no external injuries we could see, she just seemed shaken and sore. Gave her some kitty pain meds to help her sleep. We couldn't afford to take her to the emergency vet. We took her to his vet first thing this morning, because she was cold and listless, but would writhe in pain every now and then, but the vet doesn't come in on Saturdays. So on our way to another vet, the kitten died. I'm heartbroken she died in pain. But we just couldn't drop 1k on a stray we couldn't keep.

Our dogs have 2 cats in the house, and there's feral cats around that they bark at but are used to, so there's no reason for his dog to have attacked a little kitten like that. Now I'm sad. I wish we could have done more. 

Re: I have a sad.

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    That's is sad. My friend works as a vet tech and one of their regulars brought in a stray kittenmaybe 4 weeks old that has been obviously attacked. The regular couldn't care for it or pay for it, so the vet did surgeries and care free of charge and all the techs took turns caring for it during recovery. My friend now has it permanately. Props to you for trying to help it. It breaks my heart to hear stories of hurt/abused/attacked animals.
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    Maybe I wasn't clear, but the dogs were in the backyard. Not let loose in the open. We don't ever let our dogs off leash when they aren't fenced in. 
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    Thanks for making me sad too.

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    {{{hug}}}   Props to you for doing what you could.  At least you rescued the kitten and he/she knew he/she was safe and spent the night warm and protected.
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