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HELP! Wedding date change not updating on website

We changed the date of our wedding, and it's been updated on my account.  The change has been reflected on my Checklist, but the website still refers to my original date.  This is a huge problem since we have already printed our save the dates with this URL.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Re: HELP! Wedding date change not updating on website

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    DId you just update it today? If you did, I'd give it a day or two.
    If it's been a while, I'd suggest contacting the IT for TK as they'll be the ones that can help you more for your wedding website.

    It may also simply be a glitch at the moment though, because someone else had the same issue earlier today.

    Honestly though, I wouldn't stress too much.
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    Thanks for talking me off the ledge!   :)

    I'll wait in hopes that the help desk gets back to me with a fix. 

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    edited October 2012
    It can take up to 72 hours. I had the same problem.
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