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Wedding Drama!

This is more of a vent then anything.

At the beginning of my engagement my mother in law offered to pay for our caterering because we were having a bit of a financial situation with just having a new baby.
I love that she wants to help out, but for the past year and a half it has been hell trying to find a caterer because they were either, too expensive for her, not enough experience, or she has hired them for a different event and they never showed up on time or the food was terrible. 
The wedding is in a small town, I only have so many options and all of them are NO's to my mother in law. 
She also does not want to pay for the traveling fee of a caterer from a different town or city.

So I found a solution and that was to go to a wedding venue for the reception that is 20 minutes outside of town. The caterering is included in the reception hall so she would not have to pay for traveling fees, the food is amazing, I tasted it, and its not that expensive either. 

This is where I get really pissed off, my Father in law decided that it isn't fair for his parents to travel 20 minutes to the reception (his parents probably wont go because they never went to any of his cousins receptions, just the weddings). So now my mother in law that is paying for the caterer decided that she will NOT be putting the down payment on the caterer for the new venue because her and her husband "don't like the venue".

I already booked this venue so I guess I will be stuck with the caterer bill too, because this is where we are having our wedding. This is starting such a big argument between my fiance and his parents that its ridiculous. I don't think its ok for my mother in law to use my wedding as a weapon to get her own way. My fiance is already threatening to me that if his parents are going to act like this that they wont get to see their grandson, I also don't think its ok to use our son as a weapon to make his parents do what we want. 
I just wish everyone would be more understanding and get along!!!!
This is making my whole experience a bad one and at this point I almost do not want to get married if its going to start a war between our family. 

hopefully none of you have to deal with this because its stressing me out! I thought weddings were supposed to be fun.
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