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  • It's early, but if you have a specific date in mind it can't hurt to visit some places.

    I got married in February and we booked our venue the previous May. They did end up booking another wedding on our date (ours was later in the evening, so they booked another for the late morning/early afternoon).

    Good luck!
  • I don't think it's too early to start booking, but I don't think you have to be in a rush either.  Sundays generally aren't as busy as Saturdays anyways.  And I doubt February would be as busy as the summer. 

    I know that I called the reception site a year in advance (as soon as I got engaged) however for a Saturday in July and every Saturday from the end of May to mid-September was already booked, so I ended up booking for a Sunday.
  • In a busy area, 18 months is a pretty reasonable time to book your venue.  You're right, a Sunday isn't going to be that much in demand, but it couldn't hurt to start touring places and getting quotes.  

    We booked our venue about a year out, and we had to go with our second choice date.  
  • Ditto all of the PPs, but also don't RUSH into booking a place. Make sure you do enough research, take enough time, and look at enough places so that you don't end up rushing to book somewhere now just to change your mind in 6 months or so. Maybe I just say that because I tend to be indecisive, but just wanted to throw that point out there too.
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  • I was going to say the same thing.  It's early enough to have fun looking at places.  So, have fun!
  • I'm planning a June 2012 wedding, and I'm hoping for an outdoor ceremony/reception, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see what the local venues look like during my wedding month.
       Plus with such a long engagement, I need something to do occupy myself, right. :)
  • dependent upon where you live, you most definitely need to start looking.  In my area, all the nice places book up at least 1.5 years in advance, if not 2 to 2.5!
  • I agree with pps. if you live in an area where things book up, I'd definitely start looking.  I started looking over a year and a half out, and multiple places were already booked.  Granted, we're getting married in June, and it's a "prime month", but I was shocked that places were so full so far in advance!  Good luck!
  • if you have your heart set on a certain spot, i'd go for it.

    you still have a couple years though, just keep in mind that things will change over the next two years. budget. friends. family. your ideas.  keep it in mind, because after a year of planning, i had already changed my mind, but was stuck with it.
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