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Friend chose same wedding colors

Hi! I was just hoping for some opinions. A friend and I both got engaged over christmas. The other day she told me the colors she has chosen for her wedding, (which is this summer), and I was surprised to know they were the same colors I was thinking of for my wedding (next summer). Is it okay if I go ahead and use the same colors? We do have different tastes, and I feel like the whole wedding will look and feel completely different.
A little extra info is that she is getting married elsewhere, and we will have no guests attending both her and my wedding (apart from her being at both, I unfortunately will be unable to make hers).

So, is it okay to use the same colors, or should I choose something completely different??


Re: Friend chose same wedding colors

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    Do you know how many pink and brown weddings I've seen here and on facebook in the last 2 years?  Use the same colors if that's what you want.  There are only a finite amount of colors, and any color combination you can think of has already been done thousands of times before.  Since your styles are so different, they won't have the same look.  Even if they did, it really doesn't matter since you have no overlapping guests.  She's not going to think you are stealing her ideas. 

    But I will tell you, over an 18 month engagement, I changed my mind on colors at least 4 times.  Avoid buying anything in a color until it's time to pick out BM dresses (this time next year).  You want to leave yourself open if your ideas change. 
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    She doesn't own those colors. Neither do you.
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    I got engaged March 2008, and at the time, I was hell-bent on a brown and Tiffany Blue color scheme.

    I just got married barely 2 weeks ago, and our colors were eggplant and pewter ... and I have no idea why I wanted the original color scheme in the first place.

    Even if you don't change your mind, it really doesn't matter. Unless you both picked really heinous colors that stand out in a "bad" way, most people probably won't even notice.

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    use the colors and just have fun!!! no one will care and you guys might be able to help each other or swap leftover items...
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    Use the same colors and split the cost on things like table overlays and such!
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    I misunderstood the question at first so don't count my vote of Yes.  Of course you can both use the same colors.  I doubt anyone but the two of you would notice even if your guest list was the same.
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    Oh I really like the idea of splitting the cost on things! Great idea, this could end up benefitting you in the long run!
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