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Opions asap please!!! Friday night wedding vs. Sunday wedding

Hello everyoneI need help badly!!!  I am trying to set a date for my wedding and the hall I want is booked all of next summer.  I have to get married in the summer due to nursing school and we don't want to wait two years.  So are options are to do either a Friday evening wedding or a Sunday wedding and I am torn.  I keep getting mixed opinions on this but I need help asap cause we want to set our date!!!I think Friday weddings are good because people can stay out later and be able to relax for the rest of the weekend.  And if they took the day off it would be a long weekend.  But the bad side of Fridays are people traveling distances in traffic and if I did the ceremony at 4 or 5 and some people still worked I am afraid nobody would come to the ceremony and just hit the reception which I dont want.Now Sunday weddings are good cause its a nice relaxing day, usually no traffic, and everyone usually has off.  But I dont want people to be itching to leave early to wake up to go to work or people not wanting to have lots of fun because of that.Please which would you choose and why?  THANK YOU

Re: Opions asap please!!! Friday night wedding vs. Sunday wedding

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    I personally would prefer a Friday wedding over a Sunday wedding.  Is there any way you could have the Friday wedding later?  Like ceremony at 6 and reception from 7 or 8 on?
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    We had our wedding on a Sunday afternoon and it was perfect; everyone was relaxed and had fun. Fridays, IMO, are too much hassel for a lot of your guests. They will have to either take the day off or rush home from work to shower or change or go straight to your wedding. Traffic is a huge concern. You could make the time later, but any older guests or guests with young children may leave early. The biggest difference in a Sunday wedding is the atmosphere. We found that it was relaxed and laid-back, as opposed to a "Sat night party" feel. Some other things to keep in mind: if you have a Friday night wedding, you will have to serve a full dinner (especially if people go straight there from work) whereas on a Sun, you have more budget friendly options. Also, people will typically drink less on a Sun afternoon than they would on a Fri night so you can save money there also.
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    Doing a Friday evening to has the majority of people are off on the weekends and you can get pretty good deals for Friday nights. The only problem with Sundays are if you have OOT guests then they will have to make it a short evening or request off for following day and I don't want family and friends to take a day off has everyone is feeling enough of the squeeze.
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    I am having mine on a friday night at 6. The people that want to be there will take off early and make sure to be there by 6. Plus I wont be messing up everyones weekends. Also everyone can have fun and not have to rush to work the next day.
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    i would prefer to have the wedding on a Friday night. true, they may have just come from work but i would seriously prefer that rather than them having to rush to go home for tomorrows work.for sure, if you notified them weeks before the wedding they will set aside their friday afternoon for preparation.congratulations by the way. [img][/img]
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    Friday night but push the ceremony to 6.
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    We are having ours Friday night at 745 with a 8/815ish(to about 11ish as we don't have to be out til 1) reception(we are having a short, sweet and to the point ceremony) so that our guests aren't rushing to get there after work or aren't taking off work(unless they just want to) We also don't have a lot of OOT guests(like maybe 3) and the other OOT guests we really don't care if they come bc we don't know them(his family). I agree with Friday nights are more of a party atmosphere and Sundays are more of a relaxed get together than a party. Stereotypically of course. :) GL!
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    I hate friday weddings I think they are inconsiderate of guests who work as a guest I would almosty definatly skip your ceremony on a friday and be very very very likely to skip your wedding . Sunday midafternoon is better people can party and then still be back for the night. Plus you can serve brunch which is always tasty.
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    Hi- I'm having a Sunday evening wedding for a couple of reasons. One is that I want people to also attend the ceremony. I have been to friday weddings and almost no one goes to the ceremony because they are rushing to get out of work and they are going to hit traffic. Another reason, is that people will have enough notice to make arrangments for work, so they can either take off or go in late or leave the wedding a bit early, the invitations are going out 2 months before the wedding so I think that would be sufficient notice.
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