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engagement gift ideas

Does anyone have any ideas on what to give as an engagement gift?  Anything you got that you really liked?Thanks

Re: engagement gift ideas

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    We didn't get engagement gifts because it's not the norm in our circle (plus they were asked not to give them for the engagement party).  I can imagine at this point in the planning process, though (about 2 months to go til the wedding) that gift cards to restaurants or something like that would really be nice.  Anything that allows the couple to unwind-I know it might not be the most useful gift in the world, but I can bet it would be super appreciated.
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    We got cards with GCs to nice "date night" type restaurants.  Definitely a great gift.
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    I typically give one or more of these 3 items1. 1001 questions to ask before getting married2. the budget brides guide to planning a wedding 3. a resturant gift card( they will be saving up and need a date night)
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