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what color for the mothers?

Can anyone give me advice on what color the mother of the bride/ groom should wear, when the wedding colors are pink and orange? Thanks

Re: what color for the mothers?

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    They should wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in. They are not part of the WP, so they do not need to match. My colours were plum and green. My mom wore black, MIL wore brown and coral. They both looked and felt fabulous.
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    Ditto pp.  They should not worry about matching--in fact my mother was worried that she would match too much!  My colors are red and gold, but she went for her signature pink color.
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    My mom just found her dress last night.  Originally really didnt want black, but that is what she ended up with.  Black with a jacket that is either black and white or black and silver, dont remember..
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    Agree w/ pp.  I've been telling our mothers that they can wear whatever they want.  I know my mom in particular is trying to come up with a color that will complement my wedding colors, but it isn't really a requirement.  If they're just looking for suggestions to what colors will match, any neutral colors would work, or maybe yellow, brown, green, or of course any shade of orange or pink just to name a few.
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    Their outfits shouldn't be dictated - they should wear what they like!
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    Whatever they want.
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    kms:  moms wear whatever they feel beautiful and comfortable in.  They are not part of the WP, so they don't have to "match".  There will be few, if any, photos of moms WITH the WP so that's not an issue either.If the moms ask you what they should wear, the correct answer is always "Whatever you feel beautiful and comfortable in."
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    They should pick their own attire of any color that the love and looks lovely on them. You shoudl stay out of it and if asked say whatever looks lovely on you is perfect They have dressed themselves since before you were born and are not WP and do not need you dictating their attire  
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    thanks for the all the replys, I so agree  for the mothers to wear whatever they want, I guess i just heard the wrong info about the mothers wearing colors that acent the wedding colors, but thanks for cleaing that up!
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