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Ever have this happen??

Oh man here is my vent! haha my wedding planner went to our venue yesterday to go over the room ect. Well she e-mailed me to tell me that with the package we picked. (only package that was offered when we checked them out.) We only had 1 choice for catering costing 30-50$ per person. Which I totally don't understand as if we picked this package why did they give me a folder with 8 different menu's.She is going back again today and try to reason with them about this. With 125 coming we cant afford another 4-5 grand for food when the venue will only cost 800$. We planned on doing a light appitizer meal since its early enough in the day that people can eat before coming ect. With a little over 50 days to go did anybody have to pick a new venue for the wedding/reception? I am totally freaking out and stressing over this!! I am all ready for this wedding and only have flower to choose. So after putting so much into this it just bugs me that it may not work out like we planned.

Re: Ever have this happen??

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    Did you sign a contract when you booked the venue? We signed a contract that stated exactly what the cost pp would be. Obviously, as we don't have the final head count yet (we are still 11 months away) we don't know exactly how much it will cost, but we have a nice estimate and made sure it would fit within our budget before signing.
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    Check your contract. If it is in there, you're stuck. If not, you should have room to negotiate. How is it that you are 50 days out and you haven't settled on a menu yet?
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    Even if you are in the contract, if both parties agree, all contracts are negotiable.
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    $4,000-$5,000 is pretty typical for for for a reception of 125.  You probably should have looked at food prices before you booked there to make sure they were in your budget.  They will likely let you look at the other menus and pick different food options, but I wouldn't be surprised if it still comes out to $30-$50 a person. 
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