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Boudoir pics

Okay, kind of an awkward question...But I am considering doing b-pics for my groom's wedding present. I'm pretty conservative in general so it's a little out of my comfort zone, but a friend really encouraged me and said it would be fun and a great confident boost... so I am going to try it.I talked with my photographer and she said a lot of times girls bring props or something that belongs to their guy... etc for the pictures. I'm kinda at a loss...Anyone have any suggestions for props that would be good for the pics? What kind of 'props' did you use for yours? Anything that belonged to your guy?

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    Does he play any instruments? Have any hobbies? Think of what he loves most (besides you) and think of how you can work that in.
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    I just did my on Saturday and I'm so glad I did them! My FI is a CPA so in one I was in one of his button down shirts, tie and had his 10-key out, weird but he will love it! In another one since we are getting married in Las Vegas, I had cards and poker chips scattered all around me. I would have used his golf clubs but, he was using them while I was having these done!Good luck!
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    If you are worried about doing full on boudoir shots, why not do pin up style, still cheeky and sexy but with a few more clothes, I just had some done and I love them, think 1940s war time pin up or 1950s styling cute & kitsch.General props for boudoir,Hat Football shirtsScarfknee high socksTeddy bearMedals/jewelleryFlagfeathersPin UpPolka dot bikiniStripey topshigh waisted shorts/trousersArmy/navy/airforce costume accessoriesglovesfascinatorleopard print dress/pencil skirt
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    My DH is also a CPA.  :)  I wore glasses and one of his dress shirts with nothing under it in some of my shots.  The 10-key idea is hilarious!  But seriously, you can't go wrong with a men's dress shirt with nothing or little under it--what guy won't be turned on by that?One knottie brought in her FI's guitar, it looked really cool.  Does he play or watch any sports?  A jersey with his favorite team, you swinging one of his golf clubs or leaning on a baseball bat, you in a negligee and just a baseball hat, etc. 
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    Haha, I'm sorry, Underoos? Like the little boys underpants? Because I just got this mental picture of me trying to cram my healthy sized bootie into little-boy sized underwear and it was not at all sexy. hahahaThanks for all the ideas, ladies! He is a drummer and also plays a little guitar... so I am going to see if i can incorporate his instruments. I also like the idea of the men's dress shirt... I am also thinking long strands of pearls... (becuase I am SO a pearls kind of girl.)  think that will be really sexy and fun in a very ME kind of way. :)I think this will be fun. THANKS for your help and suggestions!
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    I just got mine back and LOVED them! The 10-key was probably one of my favorites!I also had one where I was looking in the mirrior putting lip gloss on that was really cool too!
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    Oh and go for the pearls! I did and they looked awesome in all of the pictures! They photograph really nice!
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