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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Okay ladies, I could use some opinions here! Something New and Blue are pretty easy for me (New: dress and Blue: garter or shoes), but I am looking for as many options as I can for the something Old and something Borrowed. Please let me know what fun/unique ideas you guys have!! And if you have anything else fun for New and Blue go ahead and put them down too!! Thanks, Brides!!!

Re: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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    The easiest option, I guess, would be to ask family members, especially grandmothers, if they have any old jewelry you can wear.  Then you cover both old and borrowed at the same time. My old/borrowed is a family prayer book that's been in weddings in my family for 7 generations (I'm the 8th!).  We're building my bouquet around it in a kind of cascade shape.
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    I know it's probably not fun/unique, but both of my old and borrowed things will be jewelry.  My necklace is a simple gold chain with a musical note that was passed down to me from my grandmother years ago- music is a big part of my life.  The rest of my jewelry will be borrowed from my mother. 
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    Tied to the back of my bouquet was an ancient hankie that I borrowed from my great-aunt.  I wasn't going to worry about this tradition, but my mom surprised me the day of by providing me with the old/borrowed hankie, a sixpence that we taped into my shoe, and a pair of sapphire earrings (which were poked into a leaf on the back of my bouquet, too) to count with my new dress and complete the poem. 
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    My gma gave me her mothers purse that she walked down the aisle with. As for something borrowed, my mother lent me her ring, also my great-gma's, and I just gave it back to her towards the end of the reception.
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    My something old is my garter. I made it from my mothers wedding dress and I am also putting light blue feathers on it for my something blue. I haven't had much luck either with the something borrowed...
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    Hi!  Do you have a veil in the family or heirloom jewelry that could suffice as one or the other?  Tiara perhaps?  Has anyone recently been married that you know of which may have some of these items that would work with your dress?Hope you'll find something!Sarah
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