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Wedding this wekend-should I get a flu shot today?

I'm hoping it'll give me JUST enough time to possibly get over any side effects. I only waited this long because I get a free one from work today. I actually tried nearly a week ago but found out Walgreens only did them during my work hours and work wouldn't give me one early.Bad idea this far in?

Re: Wedding this wekend-should I get a flu shot today?

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    For my personal experience, I always feel crappy after a flu shot. So, I wouldn't.  But I guess it depends on your experience and how you react to it. Sorry that's not more help. GL!
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    I would the side effects is justr pain for 5 minutes or so for me.
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    Agree with both posts. Everyone reacts different. If you know how you react, then go off of that, but if it is your first one, well, look at how the PPs react. My reaction is much like ffmaids. Pain for a few min at the injection site.
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    I think with it being Monday, it would be ok to get it today.  I usually feel crappy for a day or 2 after getting the shot, but never 5 days.Just a warning, when I got one, it bruised and I went to a wedding and the bruise was visible in the pics!
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    I give flu shots everday and the most you should really get is aches for 48 hours, otherwise just some pain at the injection site.
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    Wait... I don't think it'll really matter. I think the flu shot takes a couple of weeks to actually kick in, but if you're just talking about getting it, overall for the season, and not "I don't want the flu on my wedding day, then yeah, read the posts.
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