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changing the date or changing the wedding

Sorry, long... WE are doing a rustic theme, again mostly because FI is so county, but I can upon a concern today. We want to make the seats for the ceremony from hay, then simply dress them up, so it doesn't look tacky. We were then going to place the hay bells and wicker furniture around the outter edges of the reception, so if guest simply wanted to sit away from the music and chat then they have a place to go. It is a backyard wedding on the So. tip of Shawnee National Forest, in late evening on June 26. Because it is late in the evening we were only going to rent a tent for food covering. We were also going to have candy apples as favors, and as those who've read some of my PP, homemade candy on DIY logs for centerpeices. This is great and I have thought of alot of the detailing except for the time of year is off. I origionally wanted to have it in late October. The 23rd to be exact, beacuse there is suppossed to be a full moon that day. But when I announced this to my family, my sister complained that it was so close to her Birthday(the 25th), so I suggested the 16th, a week prior, but she still threw a fit. So we completely moved it to June 26. But now here's my problem, apples for the candy apples will not be in season, its too early for farmers to bell hay, especially that much hay. **In my sisters defense, she's always been touchy about her b-day, my father always used mine (in September) as an excuse to have a big party when he invited all his family over and had a huge celebration. & for my sisters b-days they were told its too cold for a party, so they wouldn't get nothing more than cake and a couple of invites. However, her wedding is Aug. 28, a week prior to my birthday, & NO, I don't care that it's so close to mine. She can have the day of my b-day and I wouldn't care, but she didn't consider even asking me about what I thought. She stated she origionally wanted to have her wedding June 28, but because mine is set for the 26th she moved it to August. So naturally I suggested that she take my date, and I will move mine back to October like I origionally wanted. & again she ranted about me being inconsiderate. So, now I'm need to make a decision of changing the theme or the approch of the theme, yes I suppose we could just have regular chairs instead of hay bells, and something other than candy apples, but how do compromise on something you wanted That much? TIA, & I know I probably making a BIG deal out of something small, but I just had my heart set on it.
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Re: changing the date or changing the wedding

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    Pick your date whatever date you want. As long as not the same day as sisters wedding she has no right to complain it can be on her birthday and it does not matter. Sister is a jerk and one should not humour jerks
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    OMG are you kidding me does your sister also think shes a queen and the world involves around her. Ok tuff for your sister, do not change your plans to suit her. You have exactly what you want and she will just have to get over herself. Do not give into that childish behavior and mantipulation.
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    Birthdays are supposed to stop mattering after age 10. Tell your sister to STFU and have your wedding whenever you want. If she doesn't like it, too bad.And it's bales. Hay bales.
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    Ok...first, birthdays don't stop mattering. But seriously...have you ever heard of siblings celebrating anniversaries together? No.  Anniversaries are a private celebration between you and your loved one. So it doesn't matter what the heck day you guys pick to get married. Tell her to grow the heck up and you get married when YOU want to get October, with a full moon, with apples and hay.  Good luck with her...sounds like a handful!
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    Seriously?  I'd tell her to grow up and get over it.  FI's sister's birthday falls on our wedding day, and she certainly isn't throwing a hissy fit.  If you haven't set the new date in stone, I would keep it in October. 
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    I would've told her to grow up, and then kept my wedding where I wanted it.  How old is she, 5?
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    Your sister is a giant loser.  October 16 is too close to October 25?  Just pick a date and send her an invite if you must.
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    I think that your sister should be supportive of you regardless of the wedding date. My sister got married the day after my birthday and I had no problem with it. My whole family was in town, they had a great rehearsal dinner for my birthday and still acknowledged that it was my birthday. I think she needs to grow up honestly. Sorry!
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    Tell your sister to stuff it and have it on the day you want. That is ridiculous that she is up in arms about it. You deserve to have the wedding you want, when you want.
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    Your sister needs to grow up and get a grip on reality.  It's YOUR wedding day, so YOU get to pick what date you want.  If she wants to cry about it, tell her to go cry to someone else because you've picked your date for numerous reasons and you're not going to change it just so she can have the spotlight.  It's not like it's her sweet 16 or something.  Good grief.
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    My wedding is on my maid of honor's birthday. She was excited to have all our friends together with cake already and not have to worry. I'm sure we'll do something specifically for her on another day, and we are actually getting her a small b-day cake as a surprise. Is your sister one of those people that takes off work for her b-day and demands everyone refer to her as the birthday princess? It is one year. You aren't "stealing" her birthday for the rest of her life.
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    Your sister is selfish.  Pick the date you want and ignore her ridiculous requests for you to change your date.  I'd explain to her that this really isn't about her and it is about you and your FI just as her wedding isn't about you. Side note - You may also want to include Benedryl on the DIY logs with the apples and all.. Hay is a serious problem for a lot of people with allergies... Unless you want several itchy, sneezy, cranky people at your wedding some sort of relief would be a good idea.  People without allergies wouldn't think about this but people with them do.. I'd be a mess at your wedding.
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    Your sister definitely needs to grow up.. birthdays matter, but they will have how many more birthdays..your wedding day is one day, you should decide when you want your day to be and your sister should deal with it. She can celebrate her birthday late. Definitely on your side on this one! Choose October.! :)
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