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Welcome to the Chit Chat Board! This forum is here for you to chat about anything--wedding stuff, TV, work woes, whatever!  As the moderator of this board, I am here if you need any assistance.  You can page me on the board by typing **GOHEELS05** in the subject line of a post.  If I am not online (i.e., the chat bubble next to my name is gone), please email me at gotarheels05 at gmail dot com.  Got a question about commonly used acronyms or how to set up a bio?  Click the blue "?" box at the top of your screen.All of the boards have rules, written and unwritten.  Here are some things to keep in mind:-VENDORS:  Vendors of any kind are not allowed to solicit business on the boards.  If you wish to advertise through The Knot, click here:  [url][url/]ADDITIONALLY, brides who solicit the boards for votes in wedding-related contests are generally not well received.  Keep in mind that most modern couples receive little financial assistance from their families, and instead choose to save money, work an extra job, or postpone their wedding for years in order to finance their dream wedding.  A few more insider tips: •    Post first on your local boards--they tend to be friendly and welcoming, and often plan get-togethers where you can meet local knotties!  You can also get great deals on used items from local brides' weddings and tips on the best vendors. •    Your club board is also a great place to start. All of the Knotties here are getting married in the same month, so it’s great for seasonal ideas and counting down to your wedding day together. •    Before you post on national boards, (Chit Chat, Planning & Etiquette, etc) spend some time "lurking," or browsing the boards to get a feel for the "culture". Many of these boards have a group close-knit regulars and you’ll find plenty of wedding-related questions with honest answers.   As always, you can contact "The Knot Gods" at Congratulations and happy planning!
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