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2nd weddings

Hello all! I was thinking of writing something on how to put together 2nd weddings and I could use some imput. I don't want what I write to just be another wedding book, I'd like for it to stand out but could use some help. For example, has anyone noticed when the 2nd wedding rules have changed and to what extent? Also was there anything you didn't do the first time around and are able to do so now? Another thing I could do is writethis from a fictional point of view but I don't want to do something that is so far out there that no one can relate or a storyline that has already been done that no one will say WOW! Thanks for your imput! Sarah

Re: 2nd weddings

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    First there is a second wedding board Second if you are writing a book with the idea of selling it then you may be running afoul of teh knots rules on vendors. Third unless you are really really knowledgeable about 2nd weddings why are you writing a book on a subject you do not know very much about. Either write a book on a subject you know something about or do your demographic reseach so that you actually learn something. Otherwise you have no expertise or reason for anyone to bother to read what you write. Write based on what you know or else honestly it will be awful.
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    And if you are going to write, please know that what you are looking for is INPUT, not IMPUT. input - a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information No results found for  "imput" 
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    When your previous post on the same topic is still on the first page of posts, you're posting too often.
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