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Marriage License/Certificate?

Not sure about marriage license rules... Do we apply for the marriage license/certificate in DC (where we live and pay taxes) or in Northern Virginia (where we are having the ceremony and reception)?

Re: Marriage License/Certificate?

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    All states have different rules.  I live in Utah and am getting married in NY...we HAVE to get our license in NY.  Call your local City Hall and the City Hall in the town you are getting married in and they will tell you all the rules. Good Luck :)
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    Typically you get your license in the state where you are getting married, not where you live.  Call the clerk of the Virginia county and find out what you'd have to do to apply for a license.
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    I'm pretty sure that you have to get it in the county where the wedding will take place.  We live in California but the wedding is in Las Vegas, and we have to get the license through Clark County, NV.
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    Yeah, I'm going to ditto everybody so far, because I'm pretty sure wherever you're getting married is where you need the license from.

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    I think it's where you are getting married, not where you live. Check with local/state offices though just to make sure.
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    I live in VA and county doesn't matter but you need a VA licence to get married here.  You get it the day you apply and you can get married that day if you want to so you'll just have to stop by a clerks office when you're in VA.  They're good for 60 days so you could do it 2 months ahead of time or the day of, whatever works for you.
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    oh, forgot to mention,
    you might want to check with different clerks offices about their procedures.  If you don't live nearby make sure they do send copies of your marriage certificate in the mail.  Our office does not and we didn't know that.  We had to go back and buy copies.
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