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Where do you buy them? I don't mean like the lingere corsets, I'm looking for one to wear under my dress to suck everything in :) The store where I bought my dress doesn't carry any. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Corset

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    I'd caution against buying one without trying it on with your dress.  Many of them are not returnable, and sometimes they don't work with particular dresses.  They also hinder your ability to eat, drink (even water), breathe, sit, and dance.  Do you want to be restricted on your wedding day?  Have you considered Spanx? 

    If you're set on buying one, I think David's Bridal carries them, otherwise I'd check with lingerie stores (not like, the XXX stores, or Victoria's Secret, but stores that sell bras and such).  They should have them, as they're undergarments.

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    I have one that I purchased at a Renaissance Festival last year that is awesome. It's handmade and is fantastic. I purchased it from a leather booth. It was pretty expensive though. 

    It's also not a cheap costume piece. It is a completely functional corset and it works great.
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    Oh wow I didn't know about all that, thanks for the good info ladies. I hadn't thought of spanx I think im leaning more towards that now :)
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