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Need some ideas PIP, kinda heavy??

I know that it's no where close to the time to buy BM dresses and Tuxes, but I have been looking around a bit...I need some ideas or suggestions..

The ceremony, which is a full Catholic Mass, is for 3pm on a Saturday.  My colors are Ivory (me) Black (BMs) and accent color is teal (think peacock)

1. Would cutaways be appropriate for the guys? I was looking at something along these lines:  

This is my gown: 

I'm wearing a birdcage veil, which will be removed at the reception and replaced with a tiara.

Should I have the ladies in long gowns or tea length? (I don't care about the gowns matching, I just want them to all be in black in what ever cut is flattering to them.)


Re: Need some ideas PIP, kinda heavy??

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