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My Bride to be is fighting because we are trying to plan our own wedding, we might not get married. Is there any low cost on how to plan a wedding???


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    Check out the Budget Weddings board.
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    also check out the DIY board.  Doing things yourself saves money.  Keep your guest list small, the fewer people you invite the lower the cost.  Also, weddings don't have to be expensive, a Justice of the Peace ceremony is very cost effective, and you are still just as married as if you had a huge wedding.
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    [QUOTE]My Bride to be is fighting because we are trying to plan our own wedding, we might not get married. Is there any low cost on how to plan a wedding???
    Posted by bakercity23[/QUOTE]
    If wedding planning is driving your fights to such a degree in which you are considering not getting married, perhaps you shouldn't.  God knows how you'll handle life's real problems.
    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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    I PM'd you.
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    I am going through the same problem, and it is difficult!  When you are on a budget, issues will come!  Just try and remember that the day is really about both of you, and the commitment that you are making to each other.  There are plenty of ways to plan a budget wedding... easiest way is to find a venue where you can bring in your own food and alcohol, then maybe try and cut back on the guest list.  It might be nice to have a small wedding and then have a party/celebration somewhere fun for the people you didn't invite to the actual ceremony.
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    and honestly, I do not agree with the person that said maybe you shouldn't get married.  For some people, money is an issue and it does cause problems.  It gets very stressful and sometimes makes people irrational at the last moment when trying to plan big events, like a wedding!!  Just concentrate on yourselves and be happy!!!  
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    Take a deep breath..  Your still a year and a half off. If you need to its okay, and may be for the best, if you put down the wedding planning conversations/activity's for a couple weeks, to get a chance to destress.
    My FI and I are planning a $2750.00 (max) wedding in just under 9 months. (So I know money being tite makes things more stressful.) And we take a week off of planing or even talking about our wedding, or anyone else's wedding, every couple months. It helps us calm down, so that when we do jump back into it, we are able to work things out with clear heads.

    PS. Make sure you keep telling her you love her.(it could make all the difference with stress in the way)
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    Just wondering - is your bride being realistic about what the two of you can afford?  is this where the fighting is coming from?

    Weddings can be low cost but that means accepting that the dream wedding you've envisioned since you were a little girl may not be what you can afford or will have.

    The planning becomes easier once you've gotten that.

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    Planning a wedding on a budget is difficult, but it is not impossible.  You can have a small backyard garden wedding with your closest family and friends.  Cutting down on the guest list makes your budget go farther.  Have a friend get ordained online to marry you to save on officiant costs. DIY the food by setting up a grill for picnic foods.  Grilled steaks and chicken, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, beans, green salad, and sliced watermelon.  Have your local grocery store bake the cake.  They will do it for considerably less than a bakery.  Have the reception around lunch time to eliminate the need for lighting.  Hook up your ipod to a speaker for music.  You can even make your playlist ahead of time.  As for a photographer, look on Craig's List for a student or start up business.

    A big wedding does not equal a good marriage, so try not to let it get in the way of a healthy relationship.  
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    You're not getting married for a year and a half. If this wedding planning is such a stressor right now, take a break from it, tons of people plan weddings in a year and many in even less. Hopefully focusing on your relationship, which is obviously the most important part of a wedding, will make it easier to begin planning in a few months.
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