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New To Chit Chat- Read me first

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Welcome to CC.  Our board is known for having many regular posters that can seem scary at first.  Don't worry we love newbies but here are a few tips to make your experience better;

1) Lurk- get a feel for the board before posting.

2) Do not ask us to help you win a contest.  It will not go well.  We all paid for/ are paying for our own weddings and so should you.  Ask those nearest and dearest to you, not internet strangers.

3) Although this is Chit Chat we love talking about weddings too.  Feel free to ask your question but be warned there are a few hot topic issues that generally don't go over well- not limited to but including cash bars, do over weddings (called PPDs), pot luck receptions.  I can guarantee you that you will get honest advice here.  Often it is not what you want to hear.  Posters that disagree with you are not being rude, they are being honest. They will tell you what people at your wedding will really be thinking even if they don't tell you to your face. We do not believe in bad etiquette so we'll let you know if what you plan to do is rude.  Don't take it personally.

I hope you have a wonderful experience here.  If you have any questions or if I could be of some help to you please let me know.
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Re: New To Chit Chat- Read me first

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    I am 18 years old and newly engaged and my fiance keeps telling me to start planning the wedding which is planned for July of 2014, but we can't tell our parents or anyone close to us. I don't know where to start. I need help
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    Hi, I have experience in the area  your wedding will  not be as joyful if the people you love wont approve. Maybe you guys should wait a couple years this happened to me and        my now fiance of       6 years. We decided to wait in january he purposed I was able to shout and really plan a wedding with family help. It was definitly worth the wait
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    why can't you tell your parents your engaged? 
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    sweety the first thing is to announce it? how can you be happy keeping a big secret like this? Firstly find out what they think about it? as in why they wont approve and see if it gravely affects your decision to get married or not... the worst thing to recieve is an "i told you so".... just run it by them as .." hey mom/ dad, what if joe asked me to get married? what do you think about that?
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