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My Facebook style is to only be "friends" with family, real friends, and some people who I've known for a while. After college I deleted a huge amount of randoms. When I got engaged it was amazing to see the explosion of friend requests from people I went to middle school with n never talked to just bc they wanted to look through pictures. I personally think it's weird that your life is laid out for literally the world to see. Even if I limit my profile, other people are going to put up pictures of my wedding, family get togethers, my future babies, etc and a lot of ppl in FIs family are still FB friends with his exes. I obviously wouldn't ask anyone to delete them but I'm just annoyed that with the lengths I go to keep my personal life private, it can never happen. They will still be able to stalk away! (ha not that I think they are go on fb just to try to see MY pics, I do realize I'm not that important!) Just ranting! Does anyone else out there have this love/hate with Facebook?!
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