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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I just got engaged this Christmas Eve to my boyfriend of almost three years. We had a date picked out (May 4, 2013) but trouble has already arisen. We picked the 4th because we started dating on the 3rd of May. We had planned to have the wedding (ceremony and reception) at a local country club resort and spa. It's a perfect place. Yesterday my father called to book the date, but they won't let us book a Saturday with the size of our party (50-60). They did tell us we could have a Friday or a Sunday.

Cue to me looking at my school schedule for next year and seeing where my classes and finals fall. Turns out that the 4th would be hard for me because I would either have finals the week leading up to the wedding, or the week after the wedding. That would mean I wouldn't be concentrated on my finals (believe me, my wedding is more exciting), but at the same time not fully enjoy my wedding. I guess I graduate that next week as well. ANYWAY, we decided to push the date back and I think we came up with a new date. I think we are planning on 6/7/2013. We liked it because it's a Friday, and 6+7=13 and it would be 13-13. What do you all think? Good idea, bad idea?

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    Friday weddings have their benefits...they can be cheaper. 

    One thing to remember though...if you have out of town guests Fridays may be more of a hassle for them to get off work and travel. 
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    Unless you have a religious reason to have some sort of numeric significance, I'd let that go.  Most people find it really dumb to have to have a certain dates because of some number thing.
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    You don't REALLY need to put so much thought into your date. We just picked a month that we wanted to get married in and then our date was pretty much decided based on what was available at the venue and our VIPs availability.

    LIke a PP said, Friday weddings are definitely cheaper and as long as you don't have a a lot of guests that are travelling long distances might be a good option.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: New with Drama/Silver Lining</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to New with Drama/Silver Lining : I think this is a really lame reason to use a date.  The date is going to be special because it's the day you got married.  It doesn't have to add up to some magical number. <strong>Some things to consider: Is a month going to be enough time to recover from finals and graduation?  The last few months of planning can be pretty busy.  Is that going to distract you while you're in school? </strong> Does 6/7/13 work for all your VIP guests (the ones that absolutely must be there)?  Those things are much more important than your date adding up to 13.
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    I agree with this. The last couple of months leading to our wedding were busy busy busy. Every weekend was filled with having to do something or going to pick up some do-dad that we forgot to get earlier. The week prior to our wedding was exhausting (but fun too) because the in-laws were all here.

    Also, after just having graduated this past December 17th. .I'm just <em>now</em> at a point where I can relax. The month leading up to finals and graduation were busy and stressful. Then graduation was here and all my family was here for it. Again, very fun, but also very exhausting.

    I know people have done it before, but I personally would not recommend doing these two events within the same month. That's just my thought though.

    Also, I don't really get the whole math equation deal. I wouldn't suggest picking a date because 13=13 or whatever. Find a date that works best for you and your FI and one that will mean something to you guys (granted any day you get married on will take on a new meaning anyways).

    Good luck!
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    Good idea or bad idea to what? To the fact that 6+7=13 so it will be 13-13 or that you'll be getting married about a month affter graduation? Most people don't really look at a date and add the month & day together, at least I don't, so I'd never even notice the whole 13-13 thing. Why would that be important to you?

    My advice would be to pick a date that will allow you to concentrate & finish on school and still give you enough time to prepare last minute things before the wedding. If 6-7-13 will work for both of those things, then the 13-13 thing is just an added bonus for you.

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    We have the option of a Sunday or Friday wedding, we would only have the option of a Saturday wedding if we wanted to change the venue. June 7th is a month after I graduate. To be honest, I don't care what month I get married in. I thought the first date was cool since it was the day we started dating. The only reason I picked that was because it looked cool. We both have no real reason to get married on a certain day. I'm sure a Saturday would work better for some people, but unless we add another 100 people, Friday or Sunday are our options.

    I guess the 13 thing seems lame, but it seemed unique to me. I don't know. I think we are going to talk to the people at the venue and see what dates are available and go from there.

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    Don't get locked into one venue, either.  Keep looking. 

    Like other posters said, your wedding date will be special because it will be the date you get married.  Don't get hung up on a particular date just because it sounds cool.   Date flexibility will be helpful in negotiating venues.  
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    I agree. We are flexible on the date. I know whatever date we pick will be special for us. I think we need to go look at the venue and see what they can do for us before we make a definite decision. It's still new and this is the first step. I know I will feel calmer once we see a couple places. Thank you all for your input. I think whatever date and venue we decide on will be perfect to celebrate our wedding.
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