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Spray Tans?

I got a groupon for a three tan package today. It's airbrush, so an actual person putting it on for you instead of you standing up in a booth. 

I've used a tanning bed but not for at least 5 years, and I've used the Nivea gradual self tanner daily lotion but I've never had a spray or an airbrush. I'm planning on going soon for the first one just to see what it's like. If it works out I have a few questions about the actual wedding tan. 

1) When is the best time to do it? The website says 20 hours. If I get married on a Saturday, then should I do it Friday morning? My sister and I are planning on getting mani pedis and mancures that day. Should I switch that to Thursday?

2) The website says not to shower or shave for a day. Should I just shave on Friday? Can I shave my armpits on Saturday morning (after the tan)? 

3) I plan on dancing up a storm. If I sweat will it come off on my dress? Or will it be "set" enough by then? 

4) Do I tip the airbrush person? 
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Re: Spray Tans?

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    Are you going to test it before your wedding?

    I hiiiiiighly recommend testing it.  Then, you can answer your questions about how soon to do it, should you shave, and if it will come off with sweat.  And, it'll tell you if you'll look ridiculous.

    I strongly wanted to look like myself on my wedding day and that girl is pale.  I just embraced it.

    EDIT: And yes... I re-read your post and you are going first.  So, well, I think you should test some of these things after your first trial.  Get it done and then go running to sweat up a storm.  See what happens :-)
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    I ditto the test beforehand.  Also, most spray-ons have a color element and a chemical tanning element.  The color element is so you get the immediate effect while the chemical is working.  It rubs off and gets all over everything, so if you are getting this variety of tan, it's best to wash that off and wait for the actual tan (24 hours usually).

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    I also recommend testing it well before your wedding. I tried it a month before and liked it so much, I did it again for my shower/bachelorette weekend.

    They will usually ask you how light or dark you want to go and spray accordingly. Wear clothes you dont mind getting crappy. After a couple washes, it does come out, but I wouldn't wear your favorite outfit because it will rub off right after. They will have you put a cap on your hair and you can wear your undies if you want or go totally nude.

    For my Sat wedding, I had it done Thurs. The first time you shower, some will wash off and the color will even out. I liked getting two showers in before the wedding. I would recommend holding off on shaving/showering for at least 12 hours afterward (I think they recommended 8 to me).

    We got married on a 100º day and yes, some did come off on the inside of my dress but none got on the outside at all and after having my dress professionally cleaned, it came out on the inside too.

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    Yup, definitely test it like PPs said.  It can be very potent and powerful stuff.  Somebody put some kind of product on me as a baby and it never wore off.  Thankfully, I'm like Joy and have come to embrace this girl and the fact that she is mocha brown all around.  Wink
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    My daughter did before her prom.  At first she looked like an oompa loompa but by prom it looked fine.  Her biggest issue was the week after.  It came off her skin in patches and she looked ridiculous.  So I would recommend you watch that to, especially if you are going straight to your honeymoon.

    Also, a really good product to use before self tanning is a lotion called Amlactin.  My dermatologist recommended it to me to use before I self tanned last year for a vaca.  I used it every day for two weeks and stopped a couple of days before applying the nivea stuff.  It is a body lotion with alpha hydroxy and it worked better for me than just exfoliating.  My tan looked great.  I also use a mitt now too. 
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    1) Go for a trial run and see how it looks 1 day after, 2 days after, etc.  I got married on a Friday and I got my tan Wednesday night.

    2) I was told to be sure that I waxed/shaved at least 24 hours before getting sprayed.

    3) Mine did not come off.

    4) I didn't, but she was also my MUA and I gave her a nice tip for that.

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    You must shave and exfoliate BEFORE you get your spray tan. Get your mani/pedi ahead of time as well. 

    Get sprayed on Thursday (before your Saturday wedding) in the EVENING! Make this your last appointment of the day, this way you can go straight home and let your tan develop. 

    Make sure you bring a loose fitting sundress or t-shirt & shorts to wear home and do NOT put your bra and panties back on... they will rub! Just go commando and take your newly sprayed a$$ home.

    Line your bed with towels or sheets you don't care about -in case some rubs off while you sleep.

    When you get sprayed the last layer is a bronzer... this is what will wash off in the shower the next morning leaving your fully developed tan.

    Do NOT use a loofa, wash cloth, or exfoliate. Be gentle. Just use body gel with your hands and smooth it on. 

    Do NOT shave! You will shave your new tan right off. 

    PAT DRY with your towel when exiting the shower. Do not rub! 

    Use plenty of lotion. Keeping your skin moisturized will extend the tan.

    It's gonna look amazing! And slimming too! I'm a big fan of the airbrush tan (not the Mystic spray booth, those are horrible).

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