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okay so we found a church to get married in but its either 950$ from 11-3 or its 1500 from 11-8pm
I want to get it for the whole day because even if we did a 1 o clock wedding (which i think drags out the whole day for guests) then from 2 -3 said hi thanks for comming we would have no time for pics ( we arents seeing eachother before ) and the whole reason we are renting a church is for pictures (during the ceremony of cousse) but we wanted some afterwards too and our church is a modern buidling not a "wedding pretty"  church so to me it makes the most sense to get if for the whole day so we arent stressed out and hurried or dont even have time for pictures afterwards. we are planing to go to a park for pictures as well . what are ppls thoughts? id love feedback!!
theres also an option to rent it from 4-8pm but i dont like that either because then if there would be a wedding before hand we might not have much time to decorate the church and get ready at the church etc.
or am i just being dumb and should get married in my own church?
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