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your opinion about my friends idea


Some friends of mine have this idea of creating a special website for brides, where they and their friends and family can pray and gather positive energy in hope of having great weather for their wedding day.  Everyone wants a perfect wedding, right..? And sometimes weather has a great deal to do with a successfull wedding, especially if you're have and outdoor party. 

Their motivation is that the perfect wedding is every brides dream and a riuned wedding a nightmare.  You've got nothing to lose, anyway, so why not try...? At least you can do something, anything.  There are no other ways to control the weather, and we know that so much in wedding planning depends on it.  Visualisation of a perfect wedding, praying for great weather and a positive attitude can only help. 

The site is not ready yet, but the idea is explained on their beta-test site:

As they know that I'm active in the bridal community and have 3 firends planning their wedding in 2012, they asked for my opinion and help. 

What do you think about this...? Is this a good idea...? Should they go on with it...?

Thanks so much for your feedback! xo!

Re: your opinion about my friends idea

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    Yeah, sorry, but I wouldn't use a site like that and neither would my friends and family. If we want to pray, we pray together or separately, not on a wedding website.

    You can't control the weather, however you can have a 'Plan B', which is highly suggested to all of those who are planning outdoor weddings.

    Plus, rain on the wedding day is said to be a good omen.

    With that said, this seems vendorish in a slight way. Plus, you're surveying brides here by asking for their 'opinions'. You may be crossing a fine line or what is or isnt allowed.
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    1) I don't THINK you're allowed to do this.
    2) Even if you were, my honest opinion is that I think it's kind of silly. I pray in my own time, but I would feel weird asking my friends to pray for good weather for my benefit.
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    CatherineDeeCatherineDee member
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    NcsuPsych , cwaggoner07 ,  LingerLonger1 : Thank you for you input!
     NcsuPsych: By no means do I want to sell anything - I'm not a vendor, I'm just trying to help my friends, becasue you see for yourself that the idea is...... original. And nobody is as expert on the what a Bride may want or do more than Brides :) That's all. I understand your comment though, and truly hope that I'm ok with the rules and policy! 
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    Sorry but no.  You can't control the weather even with prayer.
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    Let your friends do their own research. Regardless of whether you are or aren't a vendor, the OP was worded oddly and it idea as a whole is strange. You can NOT control the weather. What you CAN do is have a back up plan. That's all you can do.

    Why would I want to ask randomly strangers to pray for my wedding? Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a really silly thing to ask strangers to pray for. I didn't even ask my family to pray for good weather on my wedding because I knew one way or another, I'd be married at the end of the day and that was all that mattered.
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    NcsuPsych: Yeah, I hear what you're saying and totally understand it... But Cynthia cut out my message anyway :( 
    I'm not a vendor, I'm a mother at home raising two kids, who has a bit of spare time and who wanted to do a good deed, especially that one of the people invlolved in this weather for weddings idea is my younger brother whom I wanted to help.... 
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    Ok, I see I need to go through the Terms of Use to understand this better..... Anyway, sorry girls for the confusion :(
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    The best way to have gone about this is leave out the website. If someone was curious they could have PM'd you for it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: your opinion about my friends idea</a>:
    [QUOTE]The best way to have gone about this is leave out the website. If someone was curious they could have PM'd you for it.
    Posted by caterpillar85[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, that's still not a good idea.
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    Wasn't this posted on another board a few weeks ago?
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    In Response to Re: your opinion about my friends idea:
    MeganLindsay5685, I love the HIMYM reference.

    Also, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. I, for one, love the rain and am actually kind of hoping for it. I think the bride and groom walking together under an umbrella is one of my favorite types of pictures.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: your opinion about my friends idea</a>:
    [QUOTE] Plus, rain on the wedding day is said to be a good omen. 
    Posted by NcsuPsych[/QUOTE]

    <div>So is getting crapped on by a bird, but we all know that people just say that to make the person with bird sh!t on their head feel better. Same goes with rainy wedding days. </div><div>
    </div><div>I agree that the website is a weird idea though. </div>
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    Ok. I see - although unintentionally - I created a lot of commotion. All I can say is: I'm sorry, I meant no harm, I'll take all your comments as advice to be more careful about what I ask for on this forum. I thought that this request is quite similair to when somebody asks for advice/help/opinion about where they can find a nice reception place eg. in Chicago. But I see I was wrong.
    I realize that not knowing the rules is a lame excuse, but that was the case. Honeslty, if I knew that I'm going to create so much bad feelings and disturbance, I would never have written that post. I really do feel wretched. 
    Again - I apologise & consider this request done. 
    PS. Sorry LucyHC, I thought Cynthia1207 is the moderator.
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