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April 2012 Weddings

Can't Commit! (pictures in post)

For some reason, I had no problem committing to the fiance, or to the dress, but I can't commit to a wedding hairstyle to save my life.  I only have a week and a half to decide because my bridal portraits are the Sunday after next.

This first hairstyle most inspired me.  My veil and dress are somewhat similar and I want a simple, tropical vibe.  I will probably do a cluster of two flowers rather than one.

However, fiance said he would like to see my hair up and I think this hairstyle is also lovely and looks beachy/tropical and like "me."  I wear my hair in a bun almost as often as I wear it down so I feel comfortable and like myself having my hair styled either way.

Here is me...I was attempting something like the first hairstyle after having my hair blown out by my stylist.

If I wear my hair down like option one, it has the advantage that I can do it without help and I can save money that I won't have to pay someone to fix my hair (and this would be pricey on my wedding day because my wedding is at 10 a.m. and I would need to pay someone to come out before hours).

If I wear my hair up like option two, it has the advantages of better withstanding any humidity, and that it's what fiance wants to see.  However, I feel like I'd be doing what most brides do if I wear my hair up, and I want to be different.

Any input is welcome, PLEASE!  :-)
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