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Get over it!!! Need to vent

My bday is coming up 4/10, my best guy friend's is 4/12, and his gf who I'm also friend's with is 4/13. In college we always threw big get togethers to celebrate. At one point in time I dated his cousin for only 3 months---this was 2 years ago. His bday happens to be 4/11. Keeping up with tradition we still continue to have these get-togethers a bar. I moved 2 hours away a few months after we broke up and wasn't able to attend last year's bday festivities. I just found out today that his cousin/my ex asked specifially that I not be invited to this years because it is "akward". I just think this is riduculous!! I am engaged now, would be attending with my FI, and these are all my friends too. Yes I don't get to see them as often since moving away, but some are still invited to my wedding. We dated for a speck of time and he broke up with me via Facebook to get back together with an ex and that was that...Ugh just need to vent!!!
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Re: Get over it!!! Need to vent

  • Well tell his cousin that he needs to change his birthday. Sometimes it is around the same time as people who "suck' - ish happens.
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  • My friend is in a weird spot because they are family. I understand that. All my other friends agree he is being a big baby and don't see why I can't be there. FI thinks we should just show up anyways because it's a public bar. I just don't want to come off of as the "weird, stalker" ex. He does see them more than me now because he lives by all of them and I don't.
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  • I would never talk to them again, done deal.  I stopped playing 'lets exclude so and so' in Middle School.  Any sign of it, and I'm gone gone gone.
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  • That is so childish of him to say that he doesnt want you there. && its pretty sh**ty of your friend to not just say "No, I am not going to exclude her." Make plans with FI & a few friends or family & forgot those losers.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:2735453c-0e8f-4e26-818b-9feb57e1ec6aPost:e800103c-5536-40e0-9370-69fac8326c64">Re: Get over it!!! Need to vent</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Get over it!!! Need to vent : I agree with Linger.  I'm sorry your "friends" are being d.cks to you.  Be the bigger person and move on from these kids.
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    Sorry to thread-jack, but I must ask, what brand are/where did you find the shoes in your siggy pic? They are marvelous.  I'd LOVE to find them in red!
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