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I'm new to all this stuff. I don't know where to begin. Even though my fiance and I haven't picked a day we don't plan to get married anytime soon. We're looking about two to three years. (We will be paying for our own wedding).

What I'm trying to do is get an idea what the costs are, so that way we can save. I'm also wanting to get married on the beach somewhere around Monterey Cost in California. Can anyone help me?

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  • try the CA board for specific venue/pricing/area-specific questions
    As far as where to start, make a budget and stick to it.  Make a guest list, choose a venue that can hold the guest, and then pick a date based on the venue's availability.  OR if date is more important to you than the venue, pick the date first but still choose a venue that will hold your entire guest list.
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  • Thank you for the help. This is all new to me, and since I'm doing this on my own it's alot harder. I really want a beach wedding, but I think I might settle for a local wedding if I can't find anything.
  • I've found the board, I'm actually taking another look at them. And thank you for your help, i appericate it.
  • Welcome. I think Mrs. B said what I was going to say.
  • In terms of cost- things can cost a little, or you can spend a lot on something. For example, you can spend 2K on flowers, or you can spend 12K on flowers. I'd recommend picking areas of your wedding which are most important to you- like the food, or the music, or the photography. Think about what is important to you now, or else you can start spending money and it can get out of control.
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