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NWR: does anyone love...

Their dog!

Tonight I am just so thankful for my dog. When people drive me nuts my dog makes me sane!

Re: NWR: does anyone love...

  • I do! I love my dog so much that she's going to be IN my wedding. :)
  • i was just thinking about that! he is awesome...except at the moment he has really bad gas
  • If I had a dog, yes, yes I would. For now I just love other people's dogs.

    But I totally love my cat, he's my baby. I don't know what I'd do without that little guy (well, not that little, he's a big little guy).
  • Whenever we have a big enough place for a dog, I'm sure we will love it!

    For now, I love my kittens!  They are so cute and lovey, and even when they do something bad, they sitll love on you and purr.  They're too sweet!
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    this thread is worthless without pictures!

    My doggie is in my siggy, looking all cute trying to get out of trouble. 

    and yes I love my dog
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  • Yes i love my babies....they are both rescue dogs and we are huge animal rights advocates...if yall are ever on facebook, look up Susie's about it it will break your hearts!

  • These are my babies, I could not get through school without them.
  • I love both my babies! My 13 year old Shih Tzu named Mischief and a 1 Year old Cojack (1/2 Corgi 1/2 Jack russell) named Jack. We got some really bad news about my FFIL last night and when FI came home from the hospital Jack come and laid down on top of him becuase he knew something was wrong.
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  • I love my cat, George Michael.

  • I love my dog too!!! My husband is away a lot and having my dog makes the time go by a little quicker.  She's my little baby :)
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