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Moving Out - List of Bills to Pay!

Hi Everyone!

I know this isn't wedding related, but I have been trying to make a list of all the expenses my FI and I will have once we move out.  We will be moving into an apartment which will be about $650/month.

These are the expenses I have so far: 
Car Insurance
Cell Phone
Insurance on the things we own in our Apartment
Gas for car

We get health insurance through where my FI works, so that will not be an expense.

Does anyone have anything to add?

Re: Moving Out - List of Bills to Pay!

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    Heat? Hot water? I usually leave a large "incidental" budget per month, can include co-pays for dr. visits or medication, personal care items, clothing, entertainment, travel, etc.
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    All of the apartments I have looked into pay for water.  Is heat seperate than electric?

    Yes, definitely an "extra" expense like dr visit co-pays, shopping, entertainment
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    ceh789ceh789 member
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    This is the list of my monthly expenses (things like food, vet etc are "envelopes" I use to put money aside) from my budget spreadsheet:

    House Repairs – for you this is stuff you want to do in your home that isn’t covered by the landlord, i.e. paint, décor etc.

    Dog Food


    Car Repairs/Tabs

    Replace Furniture

    House Supplies (Cleaning supplies, paper towels, replacing worn out towels and stuff like that)


    Vet subscription (FI’s hobby)

    Vacation Savings



    Personal Care/Salon

    Cleaning Lady

    Dining Out




    Internet/Cable/Cell Phones

    Electric & Gas

    Insurance – Farmers (mine)

    Insurance – Geico (his – we’re combining after the wedding – don’t forget to get yourself renters insurance!)

    Sleep # Payment (credit card payment)

    Student Loan Payment

    Personal Loan Payment (FI bought some land last year and borrowed the $ from his dad)

    MPR Dues (charitable giving)

    TiVo Subscription

    Dog Poo Svc (Yeah, I’m lazy)

    Gym/Trainer (his)

    Gym (mine)

    Weight Watchers (mine)

    Pocket $ (we each get some of this)

    Gas (also, some for each)

    Emergency Fund (savings)

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    annamhisleannamhisle member
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    Goodness - I didn't think about my FI's loan payment - that is a good one to add to my list. Hopefully trash will be payed by the apartment complex.  I will have to make sure though. 

    Thank You! I like your spreadsheet - good idea!
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    budget for entertainment! then you wont spend too much on it

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