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My take on the work week....

So everyone hates Mondays right, but I see it like this...

Monday-not so bad, you are refreshed from the weekend and usually have a decent amount of work that makes the day go by fairly quickly.

Tuesday-The worst day! You got all your work done on Monday and you still have 4 days to go before Friday..kill me now!

Weds-Ok, you made it half way through, not so bad until you hit around 2pm and then ..Kill me now!

Thurs-Good start to the day, only 1 more to go, but at 5pm you run like hell.

Fri-The BEST made it through the week and start planning the weekend.
Nothing can kill your buzz now!

So Happy Monday!

Re: My take on the work week....

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    helpful, but I still hate Mondays.. 
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    Agreed but I think thursdays are the worst day. FI, a friend and myself belong to a trivia league at a bar the is on Wednesday. So we have been out late, drinking some...Thursday for me are way worse but at least after thursday is Friday.
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