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DJ or live music at the ceremony

I'm torn. 

They are relatively the same price. I can either get a harpist and violinist to do the ceremony, or have my DJ set up outside and do the ceremony. With the DJ, I like that I would get actual songs playing before and after the ceremony, but there is something about a harpist that is just so beautiful.

Is a harpist / violinist a little over the top though? My wedding is fairly laid back with only 80 people. It's by the water at sunset.


Re: DJ or live music at the ceremony

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    IMO, a harpist or violinist adds an elegant touch to the ceremony.  They harpist can still play before the ceremony as well.  We used a string trio and they played for 30 minutes before the ceremony.
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    We had a harpist for our ceremony.  She played for about a 1/2 hour prelude, did the ceremony and played through our recessional and receiving line.  I'm still hearing rave reviews from guests about it.
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    We had a string quartet play for our ceremony.  And a choir, but you're not asking about that ;)  In any event, live music is much more elegant than a DJ.  I'd go for the harpist, hands down.  Good luck ;)
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    Ditto to PP posts, live music really sets the mood.  I do not think it is over the top at all.  I am having a string quartet play before the ceremony, during the ceremony and at the cocktail hour, and I will only have about 110-120 people.  So I do not think that only 2 musicians is over the top for 80 people.
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    About the size of your wedding, we had only 60 guests...  Smaller than yours ;)
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    We're having a quartet too (violin, cello, trumpet and flute) in addition to the organist and two soloists.  I definitely agree that live music sounds more rich than having a dj.  If they're the same price, I would opt for the musicians.
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    For the ceremony?? Live music is a MUST for me.  (That's my PT job - ceremony music)  I've been to weddings where the ceremony wasn't live music, and it seemed impersonal.

    I'm having my church band.  It's going to rock.

    For the reception: DJ.
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    Aww  I would love to see a harpist and violinst on the water. I would def chose that. The reception can be where they actually "play songs"
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    I vote for live music.  The harpist sounds so elegant.  I think it willenhamnce the intimate feel of your ceremony.
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