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Wedding Blues

I'm not in love with my fiance anymore and think i honestly hate them.  I just wish they would go away - what can I do??

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    [QUOTE]I'm not in love with my fiance anymore and think i honestly hate them.  I just wish they would go away - what can I do??
    Posted by dawedblues[/QUOTE]

    Are you engaged to more than one person?  I'm not sure I understand why you're saying that you wish THEY would go away.

    On the off chance that this is real and that you don't have a grasp of pronouns....if you don't love your fiance anymore and you don't want him/her around, then cancel, or at the very least postpone the wedding until you figure it out.

    It's a lot easier to call off a wedding than to go through a divorce.
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  • Yeah....I don't think there's more to say. 
    Don't even think of going forward with a wedding if you don't love him/her, that would be a pretty cruel thing to do.  If you fell out of love years after the wedding, shiit happens, but if you don't love them now, why even consider it?  Divorce is going to cost a lot more than any money you'll lose on deposits, just make a clean break.
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  • You can break it off.  There's really nothing else you CAN do.  Going through with the wedding when you can't stand him, knowing that the marriage isn't going to last, is much more cruel -- not to mention expensive -- than making a clean break now.  Is he going to be upset?  Of course.  But he's going to be that much MORE upset if you marry him and settle down for several miserable years until you decide you've had enough and file for divorce.

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  • <----------------------- confused.
  • This is fake. Them?
  • Call the wedding off the wedding.  A U-Haul is cheaper than a divorce.

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  • I think she means she might hate her fiancé and wishes those feelings would go away. 

    OP - I think you should consider having a long discussion with your fiancé or couples counseling to reconcile these feelings. Or break it off. Those feelings of disliking your fiancé won't just go away. 
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