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Which would you rather...

I'm planning a soiree and originally wanted to have it on a Friday night. 

The hubs, however, thinks Fridays are just not as do-able & that I'll have a better turn out on Saturday.

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    Are you talking about your wedding or just a regular party?  My wedding was on a Friday, so I don't think that's a big deal.  But, if we're talking about preference for a regular party, yea, I'd rather it be on a Saturday.
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    For regular parties I would prefer a saturday night. Sometimes I work Saturdays but I never work Sundays. I know its not like that for everyone, but its not uncommon.
    Also, sometimes if i've had a particularly crappy or long day at work, I don't want to have to rush home to get ready. I would prefer to just relax at home and go the next day when i've had more time.

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    I think Saturday is preferable for most M-F people, but it depends on the type of party.  A Friday wedding is general a pain, because it means rushing home, hurrying to get ready, and then rushing to a ceremony, usually during traffic.  A dinner party or cocktail party could easily start at 8 or later on Friday, and you don't have to deal with the rushing.  Plus, a regular party usually means you can wear what you wore to work.  

    Personally, I would still prefer Saturday, but Friday wouldn't automatically mean I wouldn't go or have fun.  
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    How many people are you inviting? If it's not a huge number, could you just ask the people on your list and go with what works for the majority? I'm like Lizzie--I work every Saturday, but I never work Sunday, so a Saturday night party is better for me, but it's different for everyone.
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    If it's a wedding, I'd prefer a Saturday but as for a regular party, Fridays don't bother me. I am kind of tired on Fridays so I'd be more likely to leave early but I wouldn't not attend just because it was Friday.
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    1.  Are most of your guests local?  Friday weddings can be a big pain for OOT guests.
    2.  What time do you want it?  If you do Friday, later is better--so people have time to get there after work.

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    I rarely go out Friday nights, and if I do, I'm often home by 10. I often go out Saturday nights though, and can stay out later. I'm just too tired on Friday nights after working all week.
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