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This willl be my third marriage and my fiance first marriage,I will llike to know the proper color for a third time bride to where.Cry

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    Whatever color you wish to wear. 
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    Whatever you want to wear :)
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    Anything you want.  In today's world the whole "white is for virgins" is definitely not followed (for most that is).  If you want to wear a white dress go for it!

    Edit:  Honestly the only time I side-eyed a bride wasn't because she was wearing white, but because she was wearing a huge, elaborate ballgown and she was 60 years old (it was her second wedding).  In my opinion that just made her look completely ridiculous.  Side-eyeing her may make me an a-hole but I surely wasn't the only one at the wedding with the same comment.

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    What's with the crying face, OP? Nothing to be sad about...wear whatever you feel like wearing.  I guarantee you that none of your guests are going to side eye you if you wear white or any other colour (if they do, they're A-holes)

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    Wear what you like!  Seriously, that whole white-dress for purity thing is nonsense.  Besides, just because you've been married before doesn't mean you're a whore.  

    Wear a white dress if you like, and rejoice for your next wedding and marriage!  Congrats!

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    Wear whatever you like!
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