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avatar as inner bride?

I previously had my avatar that I created with the my inner bride as my profile pic on this site. BUt a few days ago I got onthe site and it was mysteriously gone & now its these pre-made flowers, shoe or whatever just pops up on there. I did save my avatar that I created but every time I select save as my profile picture it says error. Any advice or suggestions about what I am doing wrong is greatlty appreciated.

( I did try creating my same avatar and saving that one but it said error again)

Re: avatar as inner bride?

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    You aren't doing anything wrong, when your profile pic changed it changed for EVERYONE the knot was having serious issues.

    I got that same error everytime I tried to save my avatar as my profile pic. I ended up emailing the knot and telling them about the error, a few days later it was fixed and I was able to add it to my profile pic.

    Either wait it out a few more days or start emailing them!
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