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just wondering if anyone had recommendations for a bakery. I'm doing cupcakes instead of full cake, may want small cake for cutting. nothing too complicated, one flavor cake with one flavor frosting w/ fruit on top. my caterer recommended a couple, but with the exception of him I haven't heard anything great about either one of them from anyone i know. also is tasting usually free?

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    hey, my suggestions for you would be these, in this order 1) vanilla bean bakery 443-2257 2) park avenue bakery 449-8424 3) sweet flours bakery 443-3444i am using vanilla bean, but i have had many of park avenue's cakes as well. i don't know about tasting fees for any of them, so i can't help you there, but i am sure if you call them they will be able to let you know. i think that fees are usually charged, and then if you book with that bakery it is deducted from your total booking fee, but it probably varies bakery to bakery.let me know if you need help with any other vendors in the helena area, if you dont have a photographer yet, i recommend visiting this websitewww.rebophotography.comchris rebo and janna beecher are pretty much amazing.hope this helps!
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    Just started to look at this site and I saw your post and would love to recommend Sweet Grass as #1, then Park Ave, then vanilla bean.  So pretty much I aggree with the lady above but would put sweet grass #1 because of their service and taste. For my graduation my boyfriend (now fiancee) had gotten our cake from them and the graduation ceremony lasted longer than expected and by the time we got out the bakery was closed. He was so upset when he got out of church and recieved the many calls from th bakery saying they were closing soon and he should pick up his cake. Anyway to make a long story shorter they left their home phone # and when he called back they offered to drop it off at the location of our dinner that evening with no charge.
    Park ave tastes great however it is really expensive. And Vanilla bean I have only had 1 time but I know that my friend had her cake done there and she was unhappy with it (and I remember thinking at her wedding don't get a cake like this! was bad). Hope that helps
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I checked the prices and vanilla bean won by a lot! almost $100 cheaper than sweet flours. will be making appt to ck out the flavors, let you know how it goes
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    That's why I went with Vanilla Bean, they were much less expensive than any of the other three I listed. Be sure to try the strawberry buttercream filling that she does, it tastes just like strawberry ice cream! Good luck and happy tasting!
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    okay well I signed with Vanilla Bean, didn't get a chance to taste anything, but will when we go back to pay for everything. Amber was super helpful and totally got what we were going for. 100 cupcakes in 2 diff flavors, w/ filling, hand frosted for $225 total. thanks for your help ladiesWink
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