Montana 2010 Brides???

Hello everyone, My name is Jess and we just got engaged and are planning a June 26th wedding... Any suggestions for Wedding Reception Venues that we can bring our own food and beverages. Everywhere I have looked into it is way to costly like from $500-$4000 and they all have to have their own catering? We live in Missoula so any suggestions would be great!!!

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    Check out Caras Park. They are only like $600 and you can bring your own food and wine/beverages. Also Missoula Children's Theatre and Heritage Hall... They are under $1000 I believe and although they book up fast... I think heritage hall has a cancelation for like June 18th.Parks are another good option in Missoula. Greenough Park and Bonner Park are both pretty. And they cost like $30 through parks and recreation.What about the ballroom at the University of Montana?Also look at Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis. Its like $2500...but it is gorgeous!!Good Luck!!!
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    I have had the exact same issue. The place I finally decided on was Crooked Antler Ranch. It is right outside of clinton and has a beautiful ranch house and its only $985 and you can bring your own everything.

    Be forewarned, MCT is beautiful the lighting is really bad for photos and during my friend's wedding there an acting class upstairs began stomping and making noise during her vows! eek.

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    My dad used to run Lolo Hot Springs.  Its a beautiful area and it used to be that you have the choice of bringing your own food or them providing.  You can also bringin your own entertainment and there are cabins for rent right there so guests don't have to travel far.  Good luck.
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    I found the Canyon Ferry Mansion is a great venue. They can do everything there, or you can bring everything yourself.

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