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MIL problems

My MIL to be is driving me nuts! I dont like to talk about the up comming wedding around her because she tells me how we should just go to the justice of the peace and get it over with. I want a traditional wedding, the planning is about done few little details left. Why cant she let me be happy and stop trying to convince me Justice of the Peace is whats best for me. Me and my fiance have both tried to tell her its our day and this is what we want but she doesnt get the hint...Ive tried walking away but because we live with her she just waits till she sees me again...We are also talking about having another child with-in the next year or so and get told its wrong to have more kids Elizabeth is only 5 let her be an only child till shes 10 and I just cant handel her telling ud how to live our lives....I want to pull my hair out....any idea on how to handle/deal with over bearing in-laws greatly aprecated...Yell
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