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Inviting SOs makes a difference

Today at my shower a family friend came up to me gushing about how she was so happy her boyfriend was invited, how that never happens, and it's so sweet that we did that and she's so excited for the wedding. I just responded, of course he's invited, he's your boyfriend. I feel bad that he's been excluded before.

They're still in college and to anyone who bases whether or not they invite SOs by how "serious" they are probably wouldn't have included her boyfriend. It's worth it to me to pay for his dinner and make her happy for the night.. Hearing that definitely verified the reasoning for inviting all SOs.

So to anyone who still wears their judgey pants when writing out invitations, maybe think twice.. cause it means a lot to the person invited that you acknowledge their relationship. Hopefully hearing that it matters makes someone change their mind.. doubt it, but who knows. 

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Re: Inviting SOs makes a difference

  • Amen, sister. I was with my first boyfriend for two years in high school. We were together for over a year when his cousin got married and I was invited - by name. I had never even met these people (they were my BF's uncle's [by marriage] nephew and wife) We were both flattered and honored that they would include me when so many people didn't because of how young we were. 
  • Truth. My FI sister didn't get a plus one for their cousins wedding she was 21 and with her boyfriend for three years..... FI got one (for me) dating one year and not yet engaged (we were by the wedding)...... She was miserable the whole night.... I felt terrible for her and vowed EVERYONE would get a plus one for ours....
  • I agree! At my shower my mom had several people go up to her and mention how excited they were when they saw 'and guest' on the invitation. They were older ladies who have either never married or lost their SO's; and have never had the option to bring a guest because people just assume they want to go solo.
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