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Becoming a Planner?

I recently got married and realized that I loved the planning process. I have also planned my best friend and sister-in-laws weddings. Both were not interested in the small details and let me plan. The more I do it the more I've been told that I should look into making it a career.
I will be moving soon and it would be a perfect time for a job transition. I want to keep all my options open.
Are there any planners out there who can tell me how they started? Did you attend a school? Intern at an established event planning company? Or just go for it?
Thanks girls!

Re: Becoming a Planner?

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    People in the wedding industry aren't permitted to post on these boards, so even if someone is posting here who could answer your question, they could get themselves banned by doing so.
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    This is a belated married bio, with no reviews yet because I'm lazy.

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    oh I'm sorry I didn't know that.
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    I too considered it and after showing some of my DIY projects to family, they encouraged me to try it.  If I do decide to do it I'll probably only do it part-time.  I think you have to be certified to become a planner.  I would definately google it and see if you can find more details.

    I would go for it, but don't quit your day job just yet.  Good luck to you.
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    Its a really tough business to get into. Its all about word of mouth and contacts. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be certified but there are places that offer courses for you to take so that you know more of what you are doing. My only concern is do you love planning in general or just planning your wedding because there is a big difference Chances are if you weren't into event planning before this then you won't really love planning many other people's weddings.

    I am considering going into event planning after I finish school and I am majoring in Organizational Communication and Public Relations, which is very common for event planners. After college I may take some courses that are offered by a local wedding planner.

    IMO moving will actually hinder you in becoming a wedding planner because you won't know any vendors (which is a big thing) no one will really know you so you won't have any word of mouth recommendations. So it will be very hard for you to start up. I think if you really have a passion for it then you should go for it but know that it will be really difficult.

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