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Photography Options in Billings

My photographer had asked me this last weekend if there was anyplace special that I wanted to go get pictures done on the day of. We are getting married in a place that has alot of outside options but I am looking for something that is out in the community. Maybe downtown or in front of an old abandoned building. I like the look of something different. Does anyone have any ideas of some good places in billings that aren't a long distance from the heights? We are thinking of on the rims when the sun is setting. We still have some time since the wedding isn't until this September 25.

Re: Photography Options in Billings

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    Funny you should ask this! I just asked my photographer where to do Epics at, and here's what he said (Who is your photographer anyway? Didn't you go with Scott like I did? I can't remember and those emails were forever ago!)

    A few great spots for outdoors pictures are River Front Park, Peaks to Prairie in front of MSU-B, Two moon in the heights, or up on the Rims at sunset is great also.  I recommend Peaks to Prairie and the Rims highly. Suggest the Rims around 5pm. Suggest Peaks/Prairie around 2pm or 10 am.

    I've actually enver heard of Peaks to Prarire, we chose riverfront park and maybe the rims, we'll see how the first pics go.
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    Yes I did go with Scott and he was such a blast to work with. Fiance wasn't smiling and he was able to get the smile out of him. I am just waiting on the proofs to come back and really excited to see the pics. I am just looking for some really unique places to get our pictures the day of. That will be a nice back drop to the dress and tux that we're wearing.
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    Where are you getting married? Ask Scott because he will likely have some good ideas for areas near the ceremony/reception.
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    You have the same date as me!!! We did downtown! We had a blast in the alleys they were pretty fun!
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    We are getting married at the Cherry Creek Community Center in the heights. I did ask him about the rims and some other places, so hopefully we can fit a few different places in about sunset or dusk.
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