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April 2012 Weddings

MOH & Bridesmaids Dresses

I just need to vent a bit...

My wedding is now less than three months away and I have been asking my Bridesmaid and MOH to order their dresses since November of last year. I know the holidays came and put everyone in a tight space, I totally understand. But, the dress was not that expensive, at the time, and they only needed to put half down to order it. 
Finally, this past weekend we all got together and went to Alfred Angelo. Turns out the price of the dress, they chose, went up $50.00. So, they wanted to change the dress. Okay fine... I can handle that and I understand. But, after picking out a new and more affordable dress... they still didn't order it! The rep at AA stated they would have to put a rush order on it so, it will arrive on time.
I'm really not sure how to handle this situation. I want to be understanding of their situation but, I also want o make sure their dresses are here in time.
I feel very unimportant... like it just doesn't matter if they get their dress or not. If the role were reversed... I would have ordered my dress already.
Sorry... just a vent. Thanks.
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Re: MOH & Bridesmaids Dresses

  • em01092em01092 member
    edited January 2012
    I know just how you feel. I too asked my gals to order their dresses before the holidays. 3 out of 5 did, without issue. One BM could not afford the dress, even though we discussed budget, so she removed herself from the WP, and my MOH just kept putting it off. I finally went up to AA and ordered the dress myself for MOH, and had to pay a rush fee, or else it would come in the week of my wedding (not ok!). Now it is promised no later than the end of February. She just paid me back today. 

    As for the BM who dropped out, I think it was a show of our friendship and how much it's faded. We'd been friends since 1st grade, but we were growing apart. It pained me to see her bragging about buying expensive things on FB like a PS3, but yet she claimed she couldn't afford a dress. I know she is an adult and it's her money, but I know what you mean about sort of feeling put on the back burner. I am in a wedding in June and have already paid for my BM dress in full....

    So basically, you have to tell the girls to order ASAP, and they probably will pay a rush fee, but that is their own fault. If they don't get the dress, they have removed themselves from the WP...and that sucks but it's sort of the way the cookie crumbles. You can let them stand up there beside you in something else, but to me that doesn't seem fair to the BMs who bought the dress...

    Could you also lax up about the style so that they could perhaps pick a cheaper one? Like say ok it has to be knee length in petunia and chiffon, but other than that you have free range?
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  • :(.  That stinks.  So they picked the dress and said they were ok with the $$ of it, and they still didn't order it?  What are they waiting for?

    I would tell them that since the wedding is coming quickly that they need to have their dress ordered by __date to ensure that everyone has their dress for the wedding, and it fits and doesn't need alterations, etc.  IDK, maybe they think that 3 months is a lot of time?  But it's not.  Think about it.  3 months ago was Halloween, and it feels like Halloween was just yesterday!

    I hope they get their isht ordered soon, it's not really fair for you to stress about this on top of everything else.

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  • Thank you ladies... I'm glad someone else understands how I feel. :)

    @em01092 - I'm sorry you had such an ordeal too. I just don't get it... I feel that if you are asked to be in someone's wedding and you agree, than make it a priority, I would. Every woman wants to feel important and know that their MOH and Bridesmaids feel it is important too. I think I've been pretty lax on the whole thing... I'd say it could be shorter but, it's an evening formal wedding. Even the Mom's are wearing long evening gowns. But, I've totally let them pick out their dress, both times, as long as it was the color and long. The new dress is pretty and I'm fine with it. Would have preferred the first one but, what can you do. The new dress is $100.00. The first dress was originally $120.00 but, went up to $170.00 so, that's why we changed it. 

    I hope they get on the ball soon.
    Thank you again ladies. :)
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  • Yikes, I would be SO frustrated...I would send an email/text/do a phone call letting them know you contacted AA today and they stated they would now have to have a rush order fee, and that they need to buy them ASAP. I would also say something like "if this commitment is too much for you, please let me know so I can make alternate arrangements or we can come to an agreement. It is so important to me that you guys look fabulous on the big day, and I know you all love these dresses, so hurry the EFF up.." okay, not the end part LOL- but you get the jist!
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