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This has little to do with my current planning - but I'm just excited! Monday's my last dentist appt. (as an invisalign patient!) and I'm uber anxious.. obviously.

Almost done with my treatment  - Took about 6 months for my specific case! :) So happy with the results... have been using them since March and loving the way my teeth are looking.  Not quite there yet, but definitely major improvement!



I've been using crest whitestrips for the past week, and hopefully my teeth will look picture perfect on the big day!

I had braces before, believe it or not.. haha, and never wore my retainer... within 6 years they went back to their crooked placement... just a reminder... if you have a retainer... WEAR IT!Laughing

Re: Invisalign!!

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    WOW! I am impressed!
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    Thats awesome! I'm dying to get invsalign.
    I too had braces and didn't wear my retainer. Stupid, stupid.
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    Ver nice! I

    never had braces, fortunately, but got a retainer about a year and a half before the wedding. I had a bottom tooth that had pushed back and thankfully my dentist was able to correct it with a retainer. I am diligent and wear it and it did the trick. Now I just have to wear it a couple of nights a week to maintain everything.
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    Wow, your teeth look great!!
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    They look great!
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    I too am one of the people that used to have braces and don't wear my retainer. Not because I don't want to, but because I lost it :(

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    Congrats!!  It looks great.
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    Lol My FI makes dental appliances for a living. He's had a lot of people lose their retainers or just stop wearing them and they go right back to where they started.

    Ha He's actually making me a clear retainer with braces on it for me to wear for Halloween this year. I'm going to be a young cheerleader with braces and he's going to be the old man basketball coach after the young girls.

    Next year he's vowed to make me actual vampire fangs for Halloween that I can wear over my regular teeth. Soon he wants to make me some hillbilly teeth for when I meet more of his family lol
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