West Yellowstone/Bozeman Wedding Vendors

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to plan a wedding in the West Yellowstone area. The FI's parents live there for most of the year, but we're currently living in VA. I was wondering if anyone could give me any help with some wedding vendors in the West Yellowstone/Bozeman area? His mother has a lot of connections in the town with caterers and the like, but not so many connections with DJs and tent rental places. I'm having a really difficult time tracking down information for this area and I want a good list to look through when I head out there for a few weeks this summer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (especially the budget friendly ones, which is why I've left Big Sky off the list because I've heard that that's the real pricey/ritzy area)!

We're shooting for an outdoor wedding in the summer (July 3 to be specific, I know I'm actually going to try and pull off a wedding during the weekend of the fourth next to Yellowstone national park. My FI thinks I'm nuts).

Thanks guys!

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    A little nuts but fun none the less! Lol you have pm
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    Hey there!

    Here's some vendors for tents and renting things:

    Thompson Rental:
    Montana Party Rental:

    I can tell you that I looked into renting tents, and they are super expensive no matter where you get them. We ended up buying one because my family is large enough, that we will use it for other events.  We're using Joe Trudgeon for DJ: There's another thread already started in the Montana boards with other DJ suggestions you could check out.


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    Thanks a bunch! I might suggest that to the FMIL. She works with the city of West and with the Historical society so they do a lot of entertainitng. Maybe we could buy a tent and then rent it or sormehitng or West may have a company and she jsut deosn't realize it.
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    Just a heads up, Thompson Rentals went out of business.  Lots of brides have lost their deposits....I'd stick with Montana Party Rentals..
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    I am getting married in Bozeman in two weeks and we are using Ryan with Catered Rhythms as a DJ. So far he's been great! We talked through the ceremony and reception step by step last night and he is going to be really helpful making announcements and keeping things moving 
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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to thank all of you for your help! I'm back from my sabatical to West Yellowstone and finished planning my wedding in a week (if everything works out with this venue).

    Seriously, I've designed the invitations, save the dates, almost completed all the decorations, found a florist, caterer, and photographer. Now I just have to try and wrangle the groom into some clothes, which is looking like it's not going to happen before school starts for the year.

    If anyone needs any help or advice, feel free to private message me or comment on here.
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