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In one weekend, Everyone has found a way to annoy me on this Guest list

Frustrated!!!  I am bearing through it , My soon to be sister law ,  wants to invite her best friend and willing to pay the plate . I don't want to rearrange the tables , uurgggghh, Then my other sister remiains me of 3 people who  were childhoold adults friends .   she willing to pay but I just don't want to rearange a list thats finished!!!!.
Then the rep from the hall ,  Went to  a bigger comoany , UUrgghhh,   I am now calling meeting I thought  were finished .
I must find a hotel. lordy !!!

Re: In one weekend, Everyone has found a way to annoy me on this Guest list

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    It's ok to say no.  Tell your FSIL and sister that it's just too late to add anyone else to the guest list.  (You can always tell them you've already turned in your numbers to the caterer.)

    I don't know what a comoany is.
  • Why Not, lol!

    I don't know what this means either: I am now calling meeting I thought  were finished .

  • Remind your sisters that this is your wedding and you want YOUR friends there.  When they get married they can invite their friends.
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  • I had this problem a month ago. My bridesmaid wanted to invite her BF's family and friends who fiance and I have never met. I was worried about how to say no, but now I don't care. It's ridiculous that people would be so rude as to expect you to invite THEIR friends to YOUR wedding. I just said no, there is no room. 

    End of discussion. 

    I learned the hard way to be very selective with who you talk about your guest list with. 
  • Mine is driving me crazy too.

    To give you some context, we were just going to elope. I called to tell my parents, and they said "no! don't! we want to throw you a wedding." Then they told us that we would have $3,000 to throw an entire wedding with. We have nothing to contribute, hence the elopement. Their contribution is less than the cost of one photographer. So this wedding is already a miracle.

    My big brother who is a comedian decided he would "get a gig" the night before my wedding so he wouldn't have to pay lodging. Our wedding is in Yosemite. Hundreds of miles from the nearest comedy club.

    Then mom & dad told me that, after all, they could only give us $2,000.

    Then my parents diverted every penny of their entire $2,000 contribution from feeding guests to renting a house "for the family" which sleeps 14. They then proceeded to invite 12+ "family" members to stay there who aren't actually related to me, haven't seen me in 10 years, and are actually just old friends of my parents. This would be all well & good, but my guest list started at only 25...and rocketed to 40. Then, my parents gave me grief for "inviting more people" because the guest list count went up. *eyeroll*

    After their using up all $2,000 of our wedding budget on guest housing, we are left to figure out how to feed everyone out of our pockets, get our own photography, and decorate ourselves. There is $0 left for actual wedding funds.

    After that, we invited the wedding party to crash at the rented house, providing them a 100% FREE place to stay, after numerous fights with mom about getting the WP to stay in the house with the family. Upon learning this, one friend actually had the nerve to complain to me about the lack of internet access there. It was like the straw that broke the camel's back.

    I wanted to strangle him! Yell

    We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
  • did i mention my faincee is unemployed and ran out of unemployment benefits? We're both living on $12 an hour, and throwing a wedding on it too. Ack!!!
    We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
  • I re-arranged tables so many times. Literally the two days BEFORE the wedding. Because of it, the table numbers didn't really make sense in the venue (2 didn't follow 1 for instance).

    So annoying, I feel your pain.
  • Its your wedding and therefore the guestlist is at your discretion. If you cannot accomodate more guests, or simply do not know them, then don't let you sisters add people.

    Also, Please hit the spell check button before you post, and make sure your post makes sense. this might be an online forum, but it is one where proper spelling and puncutation are greatly appreciated and will get you more responses.
  • I think alot of you need to be a little nicer and supportive and not so rude to others (isn't that what these forums are for -"support"-??), I don't thnk she can't spell, I think she is angry, frustrated and upset, typed too quickly and made a few mistakes...chill out people!  As for my response to that issue, I would tell FSIL or whoever simply that guest list is done and there is no room for anyone else.  It's your wedding, and if you don't want someone there, then they shouldn't be there.

  • I think that everyone here has been very kind and not rude at all someone just made a comment to assist the OP. This is an open forum and everyone does have different views and ways of putting things. If you don't like it then its ok. You can't diciate to anyone on how to respond.
  • Yeah...everyone's pretty much said the same thing, it's your wedding, not your sisters' why would you invite their friends?  RIDICULOUS!!  I plan to invite my future sister in law's best friend to my bachelorette party so she'll have someone there with her, my friends and family tend to clique and my FSIL is on the shy side, I didn't want her to be uncomfortable. 
    Seriously, don't let people tell you who to invite to your wedding and be firm about it.  They don't need explanations other than "it's my wedding, I don't know that person"
    It's not an issue of who pays for their dinner, they aren't special to you, why should they be invited?  You don't want to look at the candid pictures for the night ten years from now and not recognize people!  You're going to have enough problems when an invitation intended for two guests results in an RSVP for five!!

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