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I am having a destination wedding in Livingston, MT.  My fiance is from Montana, but I am not familiar with the area.  I am looking for a recommendation for a great place for hair, nails and perhaps makeup.  I would appreciate any help!  Thank you!

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    I'm in Billings so I'm not very helpful sorry! But I looked down the previous posts and found this someone else posted for hair in Bozeman:

    I would recommend Molly Bo Chaet at the White Chapel Salon (406)461-8148
    They don't do nails but Molly is more then willing to travel to your area that you're getting ready.

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    I am having Tara Furda at The Sage in Bozeman do my hair. (She is the best!!) I am also having someone there do my makeup as well.
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    In Bozeman there is a really nice salon called the Twisted Root.  Lynn Hoefeldt does a great job and has a lot of experience doing hair for weddings.  Her phone number is 406-579-6867. 
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    Melissa Banta for hair she is in Bozeman, but will travel 406-581-0669.  I would suggest Indulgence for your makeup.  They are amazing.  The number to Indulgence is Deirdre Quinn, Indulgence, 406-586-2010.  Good Luck!
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    I got married in Livingston.  I had my hair and makeup done in Bozeman.  For makeup I went to Indulgence...they are incredible.  Make sure you do a trial run, and also make sure that the person doing your trial run is the same person that will be doing your makeup on the day of.  When I went in the first time, Deirdre did mine but it was Jen who was going to be doing it for the wedding.  I scheduled another trial run with Jen (they do these at no charge), and she was fantastic.  We had to tweak a couple of things, but it was perfect when the big day rolled around and Jen was right there on the same page with me.  Also, my mom couldn't afford to have hers done, but when she came with me to the salon, they did her makeup for free anyway because they didn't have a bunch of clients in.

    For hair, I actually had mine done at Regis (in the mall) by another gal named Jen.  She did a great job, but she doesn't normally do bridal hair so she took a long time.  I didn't mind because I appreciated that she was thorough.
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